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U M R Trade Links, a Delhi based Hotel Kitchen Equipment supplier, Importer of Kitchen, Catering, Baking and  Hotel Equipments
Cooking Equipment, Storage Equipment, Service Equipment, Industrial Dining Tables, Washing Equipment, Gas Pipeline Laying Jobs Manufacturing and supplying of hotel & restaurants kitchen equipments wet & dry grinders, gravy making pulverizers, vegetable cutting machines, semi automatic chappati making machines, commercial mixture & grinder machines electric stirrers, domestic flour mills, table top flour mills, wafer machines, chips making machines soft drink vending machineries, chapati makers, automatic chapati makers, semi automatic chapati makers, steel chapati makers





Jet Air Plus Oven JA5P2618

It is an all-in-one cooking oven that will cook, bake, roast and rethermalize. Use it with convection heat alone or with convection heat and humidity combined.

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Jet Air Oven JA3

This compact unit is a perfect oven for convenience stores, catering services, donut shop, ice cream and yogurt stores for pies, cookies, muffins, baguettes, croissants, cinnamon rolls, meat and fish. 

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Mobile Proofer E2330

It provides uniform proofing from top to bottom with their unique even flow system. These units have been designed for small and medium production of bakery products.

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Mobile Proofer DP14

All types of bakery products can be proofed with perfect results: Croissants, breads, bagels, donuts, danishes, rolls, etc. and has got Separate heat and humidity controls

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Dough Divider DSF Series

It is a superior quality divider/rounder that frees you from the task of dividing and rounding dough by hand while making it faster, easier and simpler. 

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Bread Slicer SM302

 It is Bread Slicer for slicing up to 240 loaves per hour. Very compact it comes with a standard packing shelf on top and a loaf pusher. 

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